Our services

Owner operated, our company has been serving the Greater Hudson Valley area for over 25 years now, giving us experience to address all of your structural issues.


The longer the structural repair is needed, the larger the risk to you and your property. We will address your structural issues to ensure safety. No matter what caused the damage, we have the solution.


How to spot signs of structural damage:

       *House leaning

       *Cracked or sinking foundation

       *Bowing walls

       *Cracks in floors, walls, or ceilings

       *Water seepage


       *Sinking porch


We specialize in:

       *Jacking and leveling of homes

       *Leveling sagging walls and floors

       *Foundation repair

       *Concrete repair

       *Stone repair

       *Beam, sill plate, and column replacement

       *Footing installation

       *Sabilizing bouncing floors

       *Repairing, strengthening and reinforcing concrete

         steel masonry



We will work to:

       *Preserve the construction of your home

       *Cut, fit, and join new components to old

       *Customize steel connectors to transfer weight

       *Jack joists to their original position

       *Utilize existing foundation whenever possible

       *Preserve the original appearance of the interior

         and exterior


Repair your home's structural damage and get peace of mind. Taking steps now can help you avoid future costly repairs.